Implementation of GDPR

The European Data Protection Regulation (RODO) imposes on businesses a number of new obligations regarding the security of processed personal data. Failure to comply with new regulations means serious consequences – high financial penalties and civil liability for violations.

Implementation of GDPR is not a quick and easy process. Therefore, we encourage you to seek professional support. We provide our clients with comprehensive services in this area:

  • audits – assessment of the current compliance situation in a company in terms of personal data security
  • risk analysis of personal data processing
  • business process mapping
  • preparation of a list of necessary changes – a schedule of activities aimed at adapting systems and procedures to GDPR requirements
  • preparation / adjustment of necessary documentation (contracts, regulations, procedures, clauses, privacy policy)
  • development of recommendations for implementation.

The final product of performed audit is the report with recommendations for implementation.

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